Promoting volunteering opportunities across the North East

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The project

Designed and planned in consultation with many local organisations and people, Stockton Volunteers has become one of North East’s largest volunteering platforms since it’s launch in 2016. Now involving over 50 organisations, the volunteering focused project provides an access point for people in the surrounding area looking to volunteer.

TAC were commissioned to created a website which acts as the central hub for organisations to advertise volunteering opportunities, create informative company profiles and allow interested individuals to easily sign up to available positions.

Encouraging volunteering

The project goal was to make signing up to available opportunities as easy as possible while also connecting with those interested in a personal way. To inform this we created a simple user journey that provides quick access to advertised roles and organisation profiles. We also introduced volunteering stories to humanise the brand and promoted upcoming events to create engagement with the local community.


With a wide array of opportunities across a number of different sectors, we needed to ensure organisations could include all necessary information and details about each advertised opportunity.

As a result, we created a number of flexible content blocks allowing content publishers to easily build unique pages tailored to their post.


We created a simple signing up process for organisations wishing to become a part of Stockton Volunteers. Once their application has been accepted, the organisation is then able to submit any of their available volunteering opportunities.

We also built a custom account area where, once logged in, organisations can create their own company profile and view any of their advertised posts on the site.