A crowdsourcing app to protect the River Tyne

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The brief

TAC were commissioned by charity Tyne Rivers Trust to create an app that uses crowdsourced data to monitor and improve the health of the River Tyne catchment area.

The app allows users to choose a stretch of river and capture a variety of data, which feeds into reports that are used to monitor the health of the river over time. The Tyne Rivers Trust team can then identify trends and be alerted to critical issues, helping to plan a long term strategy for the wellbeing of the river.

As well as caring for the river and the surround environment, the project was designed to encourage people to spend time experience the spectacular landscapes found along the Tyne and bringing nature into the everyday lives of its users.

Visual identity

We created an identity that looked to capture the interpersonal communication of the app and it’s link to the surrounding river network. The circular marque takes on the form of a unique fingerprint. This is created through the assembly of a number of waterways and waves. The result is a strong and differentiating visual identity.

The app

My Tyne allows users to simple yet informative reports on the health of the River Tyne. Upon creating an account, a user can select a stretch of river they’d like to monitor. Reports submitted on issues such as wildlife, invasive species and flooding are sent to the team at Tyne Rivers Trust.

My Tyne

Identifying issues

A collection of ID and user guides are included within the app to help volunteers clearly identify potential issues along their adopted stretch of river.


We delivered a website to support the app and visual identity. The website provides more information on the project, an area of member-only content, and allows schools in the surrounding area to become a part of the programme.