Hideout Festival.

What we did:

Brand Strategy, Marketing, Web Design & Development

Hideout is an annual electronic music festival in Croatia. Each year over 20,000 music lovers from across Europe descend on Zrce Beach for five days and nights of music and stunning scenery.

TAC has been involved with Hideout since it began seven years ago, providing design, web and marketing expertise, contributing towards the festival selling out every year.

In preparation for Hideout 2017 TAC was appointed to audit and refine the Hideout brand, design and build a new website and provide ongoing marketing support.

Visit the website:

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Evolving the Hideout brand

The festival market gets more competitive each year with new players entering the industry, offering appealing lineups in ever more exotic locations.

With this in mind we audited the existing Hideout brand and made refinements to the visual and verbal offering. This allowed us to position Hideout as an established, confident brand that was able to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We also repositioned the Hideout offering so it focusses on the complete holiday experience rather than festival tickets alone.

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A new website

We designed and built a new website to support the 2017 festival. The Hideout concept was explained using ‘5 steps to Hideout’. Breaking down the festival experience into its five components (tickets, accommodation, travel, transfers and extras) allowed us to create a simple, intuitive experience for users.

We used WordPress to provide a CMS that offered a high degree of flexibility for content that will constantly evolve in the lead-up to the festival.

To plan for huge traffic spikes during launch the website underwent thorough performance optimisation and load testing. This contributed to a seamless launch and zero downtime.

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Launching Hideout 2017

We’ve provided marketing support throughout the lifecycle of the Hideout campaign. This covers email and social media campaigns, online promotions and advertising.

As well as creating all designed assets we also edit and retouch Hideout’s photography. This enables us to ensure Hideout’s brand guidelines are consistently applied across all mediums.

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The future

Since launching in early November we’ve continued to support the Hideout 2017 campaign.

The festival’s lifecycle covers the entire year meaning that we’re always working closely with Hideout, whether it’s in the lead-up to the current year’s festival or planning for the next one.