What we did:

Brand Strategy, Design, Marketing, Print, Web Design & Development

Burgerstop is a new restaurant on Newcastle’s historic Quayside, created with one goal; to serve the best burgers in the city.

Capitalising on a new lease of life and change of clientèle that has taken place on the Quayside in the past couple of years, Burger Stop opened it’s doors in April 2014.

We’ve been involved with Burgerstop from the very beginning, creating and building the brand, as well as providing design consultation and producing all marketing material.

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What we did

The first thing we did was to create a strong visual identity for Burgerstop. It was important that the identity could be consistently used across a wide range of mediums and sizes.

We carried the identity throughout the entire business, designing, sourcing and producing everything from signage, menus, stickers, bags and uniforms.

With the help of the tagline ‘Burgers, Beers, Beats’, we emphasised the brand’s independence and their ties with local produce and suppliers.

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Creating a buzz

In the months leading up to Burgerstop’s launch, the empty restaurant meant we effectively had a large billboard which we could use to build awareness. With the help of some Buffalo Springfield lyrics and a slightly cryptic message, we created a buzz in one of Newcastle’s busiest pedestrian areas.

In the meantime we got to work building a following on Social Media and launched the Burger Stop website.

Behind the scenes we were working away with Dan Civico, who created the fantastic interior of the restaurant.

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Launching Burger Stop

We coordinated the opening of the restaurant, inviting local media and bloggers along to cover the event. In the lead up to opening we advertised in the local press and targeted marketing campaigns towards local hotels and offices.

We enlisted the super-talented Garrod Kirkwood to produce a collection of on-brand images that could be used throughout the website, on social media and in print material. These includes interior shots, the opening night and, of course, the burgers.

Additional photo credits from the opening night: Ryan Edy for NE Love.

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The results

Getting involved with the brand at an embryonic stage means that our ethos and approach is deeply ingrained throughout the whole concept.

Burgerstop has quickly established itself as a well-known name on Newcastle’s competitive dining scene. Through a strong visual identity, the brand is instantly recognisable in a crowded marketplace.

We’re looking forward to supporting Burgerstop as the brand continues to grow.