Rebrand for Three Motion.

Over the course of the past few weeks, TAC has been working to create a new brand identity for Three Motion, a leading video production agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Given the ever changing nature of the digital industry, it was important to position the brand as a forward thinking, people centred technology company.

The marque produced illustrates the brand’s progressive attitude to innovation while also touching on its digital influence through referencing a play icon, sound waves and a perspective composition.

In addition to the marque and logotype, TAC also delivered collateral and provided assistance on application across other online and printed materials.

Upon completion, Creative Director Neil Wood-Mitchell said:

“Three Motion commissioned TAC Design to develop our branding and identity. Through a series of creative meetings, concept presentations and structured feedback, the team delivered a design which was both excellent and exceeded expectation.”

You can view their website here.