Squires Barnett.

What we did:

Brand Strategy, Design, Print, Web Design & Development

Squires Barnett are an architectural practice based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Formed by a brother and sister partnership, the practice was founded in 2011.

TAC were approached to undertake a full rebrand of the business, including supporting the company’s change of name from Barnet North to Squires Barnett.

The work we completed aimed to align the practice’s brand identity across all mediums, from marque to website and signage to collateral.

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Defining the brand

Our aim was to create a consistent brand for Squires Barnett that aligned the company across all mediums and overcame their somewhat fragmented identity when the project began.

The first step in any project is to understand the client and their work. We spent time with the Squires Barnett team getting a feel for the business, its personality and aspirations.

From this we gained an appreciation that they work with a wide range of clients across a broad spectrum of sectors. We also identified that as a small practice, strong client relationships were key to their business, with director involvement in every project.

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Creating an identity

We produced two marques: a brand logotype of ‘Squires Barnett’ and a secondary initialled logotype of ‘SBA’.

Together with the monotone palette, the logos reflect the practices simplistic approach to design and development whilst conveying a strong, confident brand.

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Applying the brand across the business

We produced a full set of stationary for the brand, including letterheads, business cards and signage for use in both internal and external communication.

Taking ques from the identity, we carried the strong, simple aesthetic across all of the company’s collateral.

This area of the project was extending into creating bespoke templates for both the office and architectural software that Squires Barnett in their work.

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A strong online presence

As part of the process we designed and built a new website that compliments the elegant and bold brand aesthetic we developed.

Taking a photography-led approach we created a website that reinforces Squires Barnett’s promise of delivering exceptional and useful spaces.

To ensure a strong message was carried throughout the entire website we rewrote the company’s web content and case studies to reflect the evolution of the brand.