We’ve been designing and developing websites for over eight years and in that time we’ve honed our web design process into something we feel gives our clients every possible chance at success.

In this article we’ll explain our process and describe how it helps us add value to our client’s brands.

What’s involved in our web design process?

There’s six phases in our web design process. These are:

  • Defining Website Goals
  • Defining Site Structure
  • Visual Design
  • Building the Website
  • Testing and Launch
  • Support, Maintenance & the Evolution of your Website

Defining Website Goals

The first phase of our web design process is to define the goals of the project. We’ll ask questions that will help us work out the purpose of the website and what it should help you or your brand to achieve.

To establish who your target audience is, we’ll look at what they want out of your website and what you want out of them.

We’ll research your competitors and look at what they do well and not so well.

To measure the success of our web design process we’ll then create a set of requirements based on the above.

Defining Site Structure

With a clear set of requirements, we will next look at your content. We’ll establish what you need to say and the best way to say it.

This will be the basis of the website’s structure and will take the form of a sitemap.

Once we agree on a sitemap we’ll look at user journeys. These are the different routes your users will take through the website to find information and complete goals.

Next we’ll design wireframes using the requirements and user journeys we’ve defined.

Visual Design

Once we have wireframes for all the individual templates we’ll apply a visual design to them. The colour palette, typography and design elements we use will be consistent with your brand.

Usually we’ll produce around three general ideas for a theme for the website.

Based on your feedback we’ll then design templates for each type of page on the website. As part of the process we’ll also design how the website will look on mobile phones and tablets.

Next we’ll review the designs with you and compare them to the requirements we gathered in phase 1. We’ll also check that the website has flow, that users can easily find what they’re looking for and that there aren’t any dead ends.

We’ll test call-to-actions and as a result make sure your interactions with visitors are optimised and will produce results.

At this point we’ll ask you to sign off the designs.

Building the Website

We’ll start the build phase once final designs are signed off.

We’ll build the website with performance, usability and search engines in mind. We work to W3C standards using the latest techniques and best practice in our development work.

The result of this is a website that works beautifully regardless of how a user access it. This includes the type of device, browser or operating system.

We follow accessibility best practice so that people with impairments are not restricted when using the website.

Testing and Launch

Once build is complete we’ll upload the website to a production server which will be available for you to view. Based on your feedback we’ll make final tweaks and fix any bugs we spot. Once you’re happy, we’ll begin testing.

We will:

  • Review the website against the requirements we defined in phase 1 to ensure that they are all met
  • Test in all modern browsers, operating systems (including mobile) and common screen sizes
  • Organise user group testing where appropriate
  • Check your copy for errors and ensure there aren’t any broken design elements
  • Test the website’s performance and optimise it using a range of tools and a 50-point checklist we have developed

Once we’ve passed testing phase we will upload it to a live server.

Support, Maintenance & the Evolution of your Website

We offer an annual support package that helps you get the most of your website. We will:

  • Take daily offsite secure backups of your website’s files and database
  • Protect you with a firewall and hardened security
  • Make sure you stay up to date with automatic software updates
  • Monitor and optimise the performance of your website with a range of tools
  • Be available to fix and bugs and answer any questions you have about your website

Having a website that doesn’t change isn’t an effective strategy. Fresh, engaging content is the most crucial factor in building your audience and climbing the search results. We’ll design an effective approach to your content strategy that will give your brand the best possible chance of success.

Would you like to know more?

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