TAC Podcast 003 – BAOL.

It’s a new month so it’s time for a new podcast. In an attempt to coax the summer into action, this month we’re welcoming The Balearic Assassins of Love.

We’ve been listening for a couple of weeks now in the studio and, as you’d expect if you’ve heard our first two podcasts, it’s another winner. Full of obscure b-sides, charity shop specials and Balearic big-hitters, it’s the ideal soundtrack for pretending it’s really warm outside.

To find out more about BAOL, give them a like on Facebook, listen to more music on SoundCloud and give their blog a visit.

Listen to the podcast

Along with our other podcasts, the podcast is on our SoundCloud page and can be streamed or downloaded below. Enjoy!

Want more?

If you’d like to catch BAOL in person, their next Manchester party is this coming weekend (Sunday 7th June) at De Nada, Chorlton. If you’re in the area, or even if you’re not, we recommend making the trip.

BAOL flyer

The Balearic Assassins of Love

‘The Balearic Assassins of Love’ – a hirsute raggle-taggle collective of vinyl junkies who worship at the Technics altar of sunrise and the quadrophonic wickerman of sunset like 80s Kicker-shod party druids.

Channelling ley-lines from Ibiza to the Norfolk broads they intentionally encapsulate the spirit of Acid house, the emotional joy of pop, the laid-back loose feel of the ‘White Isle’ with whatever else works for them there and then!

Forever on an eternal quest to slay the dragon of segregation and the pigeon-hole of pretence they gather frequently and mix together musical forms as diverse ashypno Latvian Acid Skiffle, Mystic Tibetan Yacht Rock and Hokus Pocus Voodoo Shizzle to create that ecl*ctic, highly danceable, couldn’t care less, ‘last day of the holiday’ feel so beloved of British People in Hot Weather.

A seemingly endless array of line-ups, ‘even if it’s me and yerGranny on spoons it’s still BAOL’, the hardcore remain: King Sunny Ade P, Steve KIW and Picko-d along with essential visual vibe controller Mark Day.

BAOL maintain a freestyle expression that seamlessly binds sporadic vinyl inspiration through technical flair with copious amounts of nippy sweeties and are still convinced that Ally Pally was better than Spike Island.

Equally at home playing achingly beautiful downtempo sunset and woodsmoke campervan sessions to happy-times hands-in-the-air hay-bale raves, the BAOL straddle all genres like a well-heeled Achillea colossus in smiley T-shirt and Day-Glo poncho.

From medative, spiritualmoody hippy-trippy vinyl to primal chant/tribal boogie 12”records for BAOL nothing is out of bounds, and there has never been any such thing as a guilty pleasure!

Once famously described as ‘A cross between the opening party at Amnesia and the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah’ a BAOL party needs to be witnessed to be truly felt.

Formed sometime in the last century they have played a huge amount of parties never repeating a set or compromising on venue; a beach front Acid drenched Scout hut, an ex-communist Prague Nuclear Underground Blast Bunker, the Lord Mayor ‘s Carnival, Primavera, strobe flecked Brighton basements and beach bars, 12 hour’s down by the Vltava river, boat parties, Mammoth pre-fire sets on Hastings pier, Numerous North London clubs and Bars, house parties, beach parties, sunset/sunrise sets in beautiful Sussex fields, windswept horseboxes, Mayday Pagan all-dayers, Leeds and Manchester Über bars, European speakeasies, and Fawlty Towersesquehotel cellar bars, always with a smile and a laugh and a joke.

Some people believe music is a matter of life and death, of course it reads like a wind-up but BAOL assure you it is much, much more important than that.

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