TAC Podcast 002 – Balearic Social.

With well over 2,000 plays and counting, our first podcast caused quite a stir. For the slightly belated episode number two we’re delighted to welcome Balearic Social resident Andy Pye.

We’ve met and partied with Andy on more than a few occasions over the past couple of years and his fantastic mixes are in constant rotation in the TAC studio. The mix he has recorded for our podcast is, as expected, on point and is sure to be played to death over the coming weeks and months.

If you’re keen to hear more from Balearic Social you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Blogger or, for the full experience, head to the excellent Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds on the first Saturday of every month.

Listen to the Podcast

About the Mix

Words by Ponyboy Curtis…

Starts with Time and Space Machine,
Vision Om the journey in-between,
Atmospheric folk poetic, sympathetic simple aural ethics,
Guitars picked strings a quiver, clarinet swells and vocal shimmers,
The rich American Wilderness explored, we go from here
To there and on and in, lay back recline reflect what’s meant,
Woo dance the stillness the moves the movement,
With the moment that cannot be caught, Magic in the Dark,
The seeking that cannot be sought.

John Stammers his Idle I’m mannered, the wonderful sound
Of the Mancunain Drake from the Dulcimer, he wanders,
Lamenting his broken heart so tender,
Boban Petrovic with Yugoslavic Vangelis like synthdetective,
Dystopian mood affected.

Then comes “The Ghost Dog of Stoke Newington”,
Campbell and Bernstein’s tempered tale,
“You can’t always write a good letter,
there’s always some punctuation wrong somewhere”.
A faultless pause and contemplative piece of piano,
Acoustic guitar, the calm of the Cloud Spa,
The rain falls we continue the journey of discovery,
Post Franco New Wave culture Alchemy with Finis Africae,
Pan pipes, flutes and Bombo’s add to the mystery,
But keep the secrecy, of the midnight hour,
The Spanish guitar drives the vibes,
The Latin style crosses over and leaves the city,
Nina don’t say you want me to stay.

The Return of Love off a Permanent Vacation pressing,
Woolfy vs Projections lamenting.

Mia Da Todd continues the ladies of the canyon musicianship,
With her organic Californian Cosmic Ocean ships
As she daydream drifts about her Baby in Paris,
A modern Case of You, a beautiful life,
Nous ai mons sa chanson.

This is your life, the new dance dawned crack attack sampled,
And Grace’s the 90’s Communard’s comrade’s dancefloor departure,
Bald-headed and beautiful in Blundstones,
Don’t let this world capture your heart,
This is not a story but what a ride,
The applause, the laughter, the chorus echoes in the intro,
The French folk funk of Yves Simon’s live Wonderland
Fuses into Sidra’s Dream and the flute groove of an 80’s gem,
Rem, the waves lap, the mind awakes,
The horns sound, the chorus pushes forth.

Be careful! It’s out there!

The keys of our life chase the Blue’s away,
A Balearic terrace legend of old,
Closes the beat excursion from the Socials resident,
Never a dictator, Andy Pye for President.

Goodnight, Good morning, Adios, Adieu.

Loved lyrics by Ponyboy from me to you.

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