Facebook Festival 2014.

We’ve been working with Facebook on a couple of projects over the past few months, the most recent of which is the branding of this summer’s Facebook Festival.

The Facebook Festival is an annual event for the company’s 500 or so staff in the UK and their families. As you can imagine, it’s a world away from the typical office party.

We’ve been enlisted to brand the entire festival and design all marketing material required. This includes everything from banners, signage, bags and wrist-bands, to a map of the site that will be given to ticket-holders as they arrive.

As part of our work, we were invited down to Facebook’s UK HQ in London last month to check out the venue for the festival. It was great to get a feel for the culture, the way the company works and, in general, for a bit of a nose around their new offices!

We were given a tour around their new offices in Regents Place, in a building Facebook share with Santander, Debenhams and Manchester City. Although they’d only recently moved in, it’s a pretty impressive place. We’ve since found out that Frank Gehry has been brought in to design the interiors of the offices, so we’re very interested to go back again and see the finished result.

Our tour covered some of the workspaces, a couple of games rooms, an arcade, sweet shop and the two on-site pubs (yep, really). We also had a chance to see the set of a stop-motion animation produced for McDonald’s, which is recreating every goal scored at this summer’s World Cup, with fries.

Next we headed, armed with a bag full of Facebook gear, to Hertfordshire to check out the venue for the festival, Micklefield Hall. We were given a tour around the huge country house and spectacular grounds, which allowed us to get a feel for the different spaces and see how the various stages and attractions will be set up on the day of the festival.

The festival takes place towards the end of July and we can’t wait to see all of our work come together for it. By the looks of things it’s going to be a pretty memorable day for everyone who attends. We’ll be adding all the work we’ve done for Facebook, as well as photos of the festival itself to the website soon after the event so keep an eye on our blog for that.