Our approach to the mobile web.

One of the most common discussions we have with our clients is about the importance of having a website that works beautifully regardless of how their visitors access it.

We’ve noticed a big shift in our client’s attitudes over the past year or so. In the past a website optimised for mobile was sometimes seen as an afterthought. A ‘nice to have’ but not essential. Now we find out clients are actively thinking about their mobile strategy.

Of course this is great. But it’s also understandable. After all, the mobile web is, in relative terms, a pretty new thing.

But, last year, a third of all website visits in the UK were on mobile devices. This is expected to rise to half by the end of 2014. Young adults (18-34) now consider mobile as being their primary means of accessing the web.

This means there’s a very strong chance that a person’s first impression of a brand will take place on a mobile device.

It’s critical to get this right.

Visitors are more likely to trust and emotionally invest in a brand whose website works seamlessly regardless of the device it’s viewed on. Good user experience equals happy visitors.

With any project, our approach is to provide a consistent experience across all devices that can access a website. One website, universally accessible.

We understand that the priorities of someone in a city centre using their mobile to access a website may be different to someone sitting at home on a laptop. People want different information in different situations. This is why we work with our clients and their customers to create responsive websites that place emphasis on the right content at the right time.

For us, mobile web design is about getting the basics right. A mobile strategy should be part of any good web design project right from the start.

Our portfolio shows of examples of our approach in practice. Have a look for yourself and get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about your brand’s mobile strategy.